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That's how
pizza for breakfast came about...

A: “Hey Gilberto! Eureka!”
G: “Tell me Alessio…”
A: “Nothing, I was thinking… according to you, at the weekend… pizza…”
G: “…pizza what?”
A: “No, I mean… always for breakfast, I mean…”
G: “Eh?”
A: “I think there should be pizza.”
G: “Pizza?”
A: “Pizza! I love pizza. Everybody loves pizza…”

G: “At the weekend… for breakfast?”
A: “Yes. I’m sure there should be pizza at breakfast as well.”
G: “But Ale, I think…”
A: “Pizza. Pizza at breakfast is perfect”.
G: “Ok. Pizza for breakfast”.

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Why is breakfast
at All'Orologio unforgettable?

It’s very simple. A holiday in Caorle and the choice in our buffet make breakfast really special, a real moment of relaxation compared to a quick coffee (or cappuccino) before heading to work.

Our hotel is located near the beach; cross the road at the minigolf and you’re at the sea. Breakfast is one of the most important services as it welcomes our guests in the morning and pampers them.

B&B a Caorle vicino al mare.

Do you prefer a sweet or savoury breakfast?

Our breakfast is the perfect balance between the Venetian and international traditions. One of those breakfasts that you even daydream of when you get home. It starts at eight o’clock in the dining room, when the bread is baked and ends at noon on the terrace bar (for those who prefer to sleep in a little on holiday), when lunch begins.

We like to call it xxl breakfast but it’s almost a brunch. It starts with coffee, milk, tea and cappuccino, continues with yoghurt accompanied by cereal, muesli, fresh fruit, or juices, bread and slices of toast with homemade jam. If you prefer savoury, you’ll find hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, a selection of cold cuts and cheeses, at least four types of croissants and, at the weekend, even pizza. In short, a real brunch but with an all-Venetian flavour.

Wake up whenever you like!

Do you like sleeping in late? No problem. For the more sleepyheaded, we serve breakfast on the terrace until noon. Breakfast is always included in your stay, you can check availability by entering the arrival and departure dates into the form. If you are a gourmet and like to eat healthy, let me tell you now about our restaurant’s cuisine and the new half board and lunch break service. Choose half board and a lunch break! 

Non-binging request

Find your holiday bliss!

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4 star ratingVacanza2023 Localizzato in una ottima posizione di Caorle zona tranquilla vicinissima alla spiaggia e all’isola pedonale. Hotel bello curato e pulito offre una prima colazione super; apprezzatissimo il buffet dolci.Personale e titolari sempre presenti e disponibili.
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